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A graduate of Dauphine with a Master in Human Resources, Xavier HARLAY has worked as a recruiter and HR manager for more than 20 years in large groups, intermediate-sized enterprises and start-ups.
It is his passion for recruitment and his HR experience that have led him to create UpperTeams – Recruitment Solutions.
“I wanted to create a range of services that correspond to the expectations I had when I was a human resources manager. This is why I offer solutions that address recurring or mass recruitment needs in much more advantageous financial conditions than with traditional answers.”
Beyond its expertise in Search and its original solutions, UpperTeams stands out with its service-oriented approach and its added value.

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Integrated Talents
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Our offer of services

For many companies, recruitment is an issue because of the following characteristics:

  • Recruitment volume
  • Recurring needs
  • Speed to fill positions
  • Rarity of talents
  • Poor castings
  • Prohibitive costs

Our response is an original, flexible, efficient and economical offer./p>

For you, we think in terms of



Q P S - Qualified Profiles Sourcing

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Renforcement de l’équipe RH

QPS – Qualified Profiles Sourcing

Designed to address your recurring needs without exceeding your structural costs

We offer, on the basis of our Search expertise, to continuously supply our customer with qualified profiles. Qualified profiles means candidates who are really willing to change and correspond to the positions to be filled or to the targets set by the company (profiles below 65K €/year).

  • The consultants are on the premises of UpperTeams and they benefit from the firm’s search tools
  • The mobilization of consultants over a long period of time makes it possible to develop an in-depth knowledge of the company, its culture, its processes and its managers
  • Particularly committed to his or her relationship with the company, the consultant bears the values of the company, and generally promotes the employer brand
  • At the end of the process, we offer our customers validation of the successful candidate via our predictive testing tools
  • Integration support is provided throughout the trial period

In this system, the screenings are carried out by our consultants, via a qualitative telephone interview following a predefined method. Face-to-face interviews are carried out by the company which takes over in the final phase of recruitment.

RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Entrusting a specialist with your recruiting can be a key factor in the success of your strategy

The outsourcing of recruitment makes it possible to absorb recurring needs and peaks in activity such as, for example, the rapid deployment of teams, the opening of industrial sites, stores, economic fluctuations, etc.

This solution significantly reduces recruitment costs and professionalizes the recruitment process

  • Provision of a recruitment specialist on site for a fixed term (6 months minimum)
  • Strong commitment of the recruiter to an in-depth knowledge of the company and its managers
  • Benefit from our assessment tool for a better prediction of social skills, motivations and potential
  • Identification of candidates by headhunting, sometimes coupled with an advertisement
  • Integration support is provided throughout the trial period

Strengthening of HR teams

Our extensive Human Resources network allows us to temporarily delegate transition teammates and managers: human resources director, social relations manager, salary, talent acquisition
  • The resources at your disposal are rigorously identified according to the required expertise
  • We also assess the social skills of the person presented
  • We mobilize within a short time, agreed upon together, in order to provide the response adapted to your needs
What sets us apart
We brainstorm with our client to bring him the most relevant proposal. We react quickly to specific peaks in recruitment needs.
We are direct approach experts; we have the best sourcing tools as well as the most efficient predictive tests
While retaining their expertise, our consultants are committed to the success of their client's business
Reduced recruitment costs
Our solutions are designed to significantly reduce the average cost of recruitment
Our consultants are resolutely result-oriented. Our expertise, our tools and our commitment make the difference
Sense of service
Our added value comes from a recognized sense of service. We support all stakeholders, during the recruitment process and throughout the trial period.

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